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To ascertain your eligibility for membership of the Professional Historians Association (Victoria and Tasmania Inc.), please read the following information carefully before filling out the application form.

Membership of the Professional Historians Association (Victoria and Tasmania Inc.)  requires accreditation under a National Standard. There are two categories of membership for people who practice as professional historians and another category for graduate historians. 

The admission criteria for professional and graduate historians are listed here: Accreditation Standard Professional. If in doubt, please seek advice from the Membership Secretary.

Application procedures, membership entitlements, provisions for transfer of membership, and the right of appeal against the rejection of an application for membership are described in By-Law 1.

All PHA members must abide by the Code of Ethics.

Applicants must reside in the state of the PHA they are applying to join. In this case, applicants should live or work in Victoria, or indicate why their wish to join PHA (Victoria and Tasmania Inc.).

An application requires the support of two referees, preferably members of a Professional Historians Association, or contacts who are familiar with your work. Please ensure the names and contact details of two referees are provided in the relevant area of the application.

To complete the application, a scan of your academic transcript should be attached to the application.  Please have the scan ready to be attached at the appropriate part of the application.  Applications cannot be processed until this information is received.  Should you have any problems with attaching the scan or other issues please contact the Membership Secretary, Amanda Lourie at email

Before applying for membership, please make sure to:

  • read By-Law 1 and the National Standard relevant to your professional status
  • refer to the Checklist to confirm the membership category you are eligible for
  • contact for clarification if you are uncertain about your eligibility

Note regarding membership qualifications 

Formal training in history is the initial test against which all applications are judged. All applicants must demonstrate that they have studied and can apply the methods and practices of a historian. A minimum of 25% of the requisite credit points in either a single or multiple degrees is required to be in history subjectsFor example, you may have completed a Master of Cultural Heritage, but also have completed a Bachelor of Arts in which 8 out of 24 units are in recognised history subjects. As another example, you might have a Master of Cultural Heritage in which 3 units are recognised history units and a Bachelor of Arts in which 6 units are in history. It is accepted that not every applicant will have a degree in which history is the major subject area, however a successful applicant must demonstrate the minimum level of history training.

Validity of membership

Please note that membership is not valid until your application has been considered by the PHA (Victoria and Tasmania Inc.) Committee of Management and you have been advised that your membership is approved.  The Committee of Management reserves the right to admit an applicant to a level other than that applied for, or to refuse an application if the applicant does not meet the criteria described in the relevant bylaws.  As part of the application process, you will be presented with an invoice. Please do NOT pay the invoice until advised that your application has been approved.

Application timelines
    An application cannot proceed without all required documents being received.  If any required documents are missing, the applicant will be advised and, if necessary, reminded after 14 days. After this time the application will lapse.

    Applicants will normally be advised of the result of their application within 5 days or less after a complete application has been received. 

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